The Odyssea wet submersible is a proven concept in underwater flight. The submersible is designed to transport two scuba divers underwater. A wide variety of applications are possible including recreational, commercial or military operations. Odyssea is powered by a single vectored thruster that can produce forward speeds up to 2 knots. Depth control is provided by a variable buoyancy system giving Odyssea the ability to carry items such as bags, floats, marker buoys, camera equipment, spear guns or other equipment. It can also carry an array of scientific instruments for underwater research.

Divers, wearing their own scuba equipment, sit side by side at the front of the submersible. A clear plastic fin rest provides a comfortable location for the divers to place their fins. The fin rest also helps to reduce drag and provides frontal protection while the sub flies through the water. The area above and to the side of the divers is open allowing them to exit upwards or to the side. A recess, located in the back of each diver's seat, is provided to receive the diver's scuba tank. The design secures the divers on the submersible while permitting them to exit, at will, for exploration of underwater sites. No restraining gear or overhead canopy is used. The passenger may exit the sub as the pilot follows, or Odyssea can descend to the bottom allowing both divers to exit and explore the area around them. Between dives, Odyssea can be left on the surface or on the bottom.

Operational Features:

The battery charging system is simple and does not require constant monitoring during the charge cycle. A fully discharged set of batteries can be completely recharged within eight hours. Four onboard batteries have sufficient capacity to operate the sub continuously for three hours at full forward speed or for up to five, typical, one hour dives in a single day. Odyssea uses a single plug-in port for battery charging. Three independent means are adopted to assure battery safety. The batteries and the pod hatch covers remain in place during the charging operation.

Odyssea's controls are easy to comprehend. Controls and displays are logically placed and are positioned for easy viewing by both divers. Steering and throttle operate similar to a boat's controls. Depth control uses the same principle as a diver's BC. Odyssea's displays monitor all critical sub functions during underwater operations. Digital displays for battery capacity, total hours of run time and a battery pod leak indicator are mounted on the console area between the divers. Analog gauges for depth and air supplies are mounted on the flight control stick.

High reliability, low cost and minimum maintenance were the primary design considerations for all of Odyssea's systems. Simplicity and redundancy were adopted to minimize the level of technical expertise and equipment required to maintain Odyssea's systems. Odyssea can be operated from dive vessels, resort docks or other suitable locations. Due to its relatively low weight and size, Odyssea can be easily transported on a boat, in the bed of small truck or by trailer.

Odyssea was designed by a professional engineer with over two decades of experience in design, fabrication and operations of commercial underwater equipment. Odyssea's design was developed using AutoCAD and a comprehensive operations manual is provided with each system. Each Odyssea is fabricated and tested to stringent commercial submarine standards.

Design Features:

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Flying the Odyssea will make your underwater journey more pleasurable. Reduced diver air consumption rates, the ability to carry a wide variety of equipment, easy operations and low maintenance provide this submersible with unique operating capabilities.

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