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The following links are provided by Odyssea Submarine to allow the reader to investigate the various types of commercial wet (ambient pressure) and dry (one atmosphere pressure) submersibles that are currently available. Dry submersibles cost and weigh considerably more than wet subs. They also generally operate deeper without the concern for decompression, but do not allow the occupants to get out and actively interact with the environment.

Persons operating wet subs can get out of their sub, explore and directly interact with the underwater environment. Odyssea wet sub divers use their own supply, making them autonomous when they exit the submersible. Divers operating subs that are based on the "air bubble" principle must depend on their sub for air supply as they are tied to their vehicle by an air hose.

Ambient Pressure Wet Subs

Sportsub Two or three person sub uses air bubble for occupants.

One Atmosphere Dry Subs

US Submarines Tourist and personal dry subs
Underwater Vehicles, Inc. Single and multiple person dry subs
ISE Odyssey Tourist sub from our friends at ISE
Deep Flight Graham Hawkes continuing odyssey to the oceans depths

Caribbean Submarines Company building pressurized dry submarines

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