Odyssea Prototype

Ready to go wet sub diving? We have operated the Odyssea prototype from our 22 ft long boat shown at a boat ramp in the photo to the left. A lifting beam and platform extensions were installed at the back of the boat to recover the sub to the dive platform After launching the boat, we depart from the dock carrying the sub on the dive platform to the dive site where it is easily launched. After a day of diving, we recover the sub back to the diving platform and head home. Odyssea's batteries can be charged on the diving platform while the boat is in the water alongside a dock or can be charged from larger vessels while underway.

Odyssea can also be operated using a boat crane, ramp or other suitable launch and recovery device. We have a wealth of knowledge on this subject Contact us for recommendations for your application


These photos show one of two submersibles we delivered to the Dubai Police Department. The subs were modified to meet a customer's requirements. They each have 320 cubic feet of onboard air. 160 cubic feet is available for use by the divers. The other 160 cubic feet is for the sub's variable bouyancy system. The Odyssea-S has been tested and received approval from the US Navy.

Odyssea 2000

Odyssea 2000 was purpose built to be used for underwater filming. A full front fairing and dual thrusters were added for increased speed of over 3 knots. Dive planes were added to the front of the fin rest for added stability and enhanced maneuvering. A tank skid was added to the bottom to bring the total air capacity on the sub up to 640 cubic feet. There are two air banks of 240 cu ft each, controlled by a selector valve for use by the divers. The ability to switch air supply banks allows the use of two different gas mixtures for deep diving (300 feet of seawater maximum) or for increased bottom time. 160 cu ft of air is also available for the sub's Variable Buoyancy system. Lift capacity was increased to 100 pounds by addition of a larger VB tank.

The Odyssea 2000 is just one example of the type of equipment we can build to meet specific requirements or needs. The standard Odyssea Submersibles are just one underwater vehicle design we produce. Please contact us for any underwater transportation requirements you may have.

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