Submersible Prices

Standard Odyssea Wet Submersible

Base Price- US$26,500 with all equipment per specification sheet

Odyssea-S Wet Submersible

Base Price- US$30,900 with all equipment per specification sheet

For leasing information in the United States, please contact Odyssea Submarine, Inc.

Accessories and Options
  • Install two Tusa second stage regulators with QD's for diver's supply- $400 (Odyssea-S)
  • Install two 25 ft long LP hoses with QD's- $375 (Odyssea-S)
  • Install additional 80 cu ft scuba tank, strap and HP whip to existing tank- $575 (Odyssea)
  • Tusa Imprex IQ-330 dive computer installed- $695
  • Canvas cover- $850 available in blue or white
  • Deck tie-down straps (3)- $385
  • Rope reel with 300 feet of 1/8 diameter yellow poly line and float with dive flag- $675
  • Pressure compensated compass with 3" dial and mount for fin rest- $290
  • 200 watt underwater lighting system connected to subs batteries- $2350. Decreases sub's endurance. We recommend a modular bolt on package with individual batteries for underwater lighting systems.
  • Mounts for various equipment- Call for pricing
  • Additional gauges- Call for pricing
  • Underwater communications and submersible tracking system- Call for pricing
  • Underwater locating and sonar equipment- Call for pricing
  • Modular bolt on work packages built to customer's requirements- Call for pricing. Packages can include:
  • Additional battery package for operating underwater lights
  • Additional 320 cubic foot air package
  • Variable buoyancy lift package for deploying and recovering heavy objects
  • Equipment storage package
Note: Prices stated above are FOB our shop in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and do not include spare parts, taxes or shipping charges.

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