Detailed Specifications-Standard Odyssea

Size: Width: 48 inches (122 cm)
Height: 40 inches (102 cm)
Length- fin rest stored: 73 inches (185 cm)
Length- fin rest deployed: 116 inches (295 cm)
Weight In Air: 770 pounds (350 kg) with one scuba tank installed.
Handling: Single point lift with lift ring at top.
Passengers: Two certified divers using their individual scuba equipment.
Speed: Zero to 2 knots (1 meter/sec) maximum forward.
Speed Control: Fully proportional control lever. Forward from zero to maximum power. Control lever is mounted on the console at the center of the seating area.
Thruster: 48 volt DC motor producing 1.5 shaft horsepower. 100 pounds (45 kg) of static thrust. Shrouded propeller. Rudder installed on thruster. Thruster can rotate up and down up to 15 degrees in conjunction with the bow planes to change depth while underway. For transport thruster may be stored 90 degrees to left or right to reduce envelope size.
Batteries: AGM type. Mounted in one atmosphere battery pod. Four batteries in series to produce 48 volts DC. Reserve capacity 190 minutes at 25 amps.
Frame: Rugged design fabricated from 6061- T6 aluminum pipe and structural sections.
Farings and Seats: Expanded PVC, UV resistant. Standard color white.
Battery Charger: 48 volt DC charger, 25 amp maximum charge current. Fully automatic charging. Capable of recharging fully discharged battery system within eight hours. Charging ammeter, battery and charge indicator lights are included.
Design Depth: Suructurally rated for operations to 300 feet (91 meters) of seawater. Operating Odyssea in excess of the recommended depth limit for sport divers of 130 feet (39 meters) of sea water is neither suggested nor endorsed by Odyssea Submarine, Inc.
Instrumentation: Battery charge indicator, hour meter, battery pod leak detector, 220 fsw (67 msw) analog depth and 4000 psi (272 barr) air tank pressure gauges.
Variable Buoyancy: Design provides up to 100 pounds (45 kg) of variable buoyancy, 50 pounds positive or 50 pounds negative. Operated by mechanical control lever on console, first stage scuba regulator and dedicated on board air tank with 80 standard cubic feet (scf) capacity. Room for a second optional 80 scf tank that may be used to supply additional capacity or to suppliment diver's air supply (see options).
Controls: Single lever flight control stick for steering and depth control while underway. Single lever control for thruster speed. Manual control lever for variable buoyancy system.

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